Display of Rockeries

The beauty of the garden is by the display of in all twenty two number of rockeries dedicated individually to particular plant type. A brief description of the individual rockery is given hereunder.

Rockery I. As we enter the garden we first come across this awesome rockery which display many species of Mammillarias, members of Cereus family,on border of rockery are used spiny species of Agaves and beautiful specimens of Adenium add colour to the rockery no 1.

Rockery II. This rockery is very large one starting from the entrance and ends up near the office this mount is having collection of Carallumas and other Indian Succulents. It also has two satellite rockeries named II A and II B which display some Pachypodiums and some Euphorbia species .

Rockery III It display large collection of the Echinocactus grusonii on the back in front are displayed some species of Echinocerei , Ferrocactus specimens and Mammillarias, in patches there is collection of bright red flowered Euphorbias and Adeniums.

Rockery IV This rockery is held close to the rockery no. III supporting growth of some Astrophytums, Mammillarias, Ferrocatus etc. This mound provide space for view point. From here the visitors can click the photographs and can enjoy the scenic beauty of whole garden.

Rockery V This is a low lying rockery with beautiful Adeniums adding grace and colour to the garden.

Rockery VI This beautiful rockery has the collection of some Mammillaria species, a big tree like specimen of Opuntia ficus-indica, Euphorbia cristate forms for display.

Rockery VII This rockery is located more or less in the center of the garden it display some low lying Echinocerei with some varieties of Beucarneas and some specimens of Melocactus group.

Rockery VIII This rockery is ablazed with Golden Barrels and highlights comprehensive collection of genus Mammillaria. On the background are used some height attaining species of Cereus family.

Rockery IX There is big collection of Aloe family, that include Aloe striata, Aloe jucunda, Aloe variegata and Aloe zebrina .

Rockery X Its a triangular rockery exhibiting beautiful collection of Beucarneas, Yuccas and few members of the genus Euphorbia.

Rockery XI A very small rockery displaying beautiful collection of the Pachypodiums.

Rockery XII Small in dimensions this rockery had some of some Pachypodiums, Euphorbias and Echinocactus .

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